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After Simple Mobile CRM is logged in inside Simple Gmail Notes, via clicking the share icon, a CRM sidebar will be shown.
    The top section shows information of the current email.
Click 'More' of top section to open the email note detail page.
Click 'team members' icon to share the note to team members.
The highlighted section shows contacts and corresponding opportunity of the email.
Click  contact name to open contact detail page of CRM.
Click opportunity name to enter the opportunity detail page of CRM.
If a contact is set to be 'followed', future emails with this contact will be autolinked to the same opportunity
The highlighted section can add comment to the current email.
The second sections show other notes under the same opportunity.
Click 'More' to get into opportunity detail page.
If you find this email linked project incorrect, you could click the 'Change Project' link, and switch to another project manually.
The highlighted section shows other latest emails of current opportunity.
Click the note or pencil icon to open email note detail page.
Click 'team members' icon to share the note to team members.
Click email subject to the open the native Gmail page of corresponding email.
The last sections show notes from team members.
Click Team member's name to view other notes of the team member
Click the note to get into the note detail page.
The latest three comments of the note are shown. Click comment icon or 'Add comment' to view all comments.
Use special character of '@' to mention the team member in the note. Team names in the note will be clickable.
All notes and comments written in the sidebar can be viewed in the mobile app of Simple Mobile CRM
My Items & Mentioned - show those items of mine and team member items that mentioned me.
My Items & Team Latest - show those items of mine and latest team member items.
My Items Only - show only my items (i.e. hide team member section)
          Always Hidden - never show this SGN sidebar, even after CRM is logged in.
Click the logout in the preferences menu to logout.