Your address will show here +12 34 56 78
  • The top section shows information related to the current email:
  1.  email contacts (clickable for contact details)
  2.  comments to the current email, if any
  3.  you could also add comment to the current email 
  • Click 'More' to enter the email note detail. (If the email has't note, click 'More' to enter opportunity detail of relevant contact. )
  • Click 'team members' icon to share note for team members.
  • Here shows each contact and correponding opportunity.
  • Click  contact to enter contact detail.
  • Click  opportunity of relevant contact to enter the opportunity detail.
  • If a contact is set to 'followed', future emails with this contact will be autolinked to the same opportunity
  • Add Comment to the current email
  • The second sections show other notes under the same opportunity. Click the header to get into opportunity detail.
  • Here is the email info for the corresponding note.
  • Click the note or pencil icon to get into email note detail.
  • Click 'Team members' icon  to share the email note for team members.
  • Click email subject line to the open the Gmail page of the email.
  • The last sections show notes from team members.
  • Click Team member's name to view other notes of the team member
  • Click the note to get into the note detail page.
  • The latest three comments are shown here. Click comment icon or 'Add comment' to view all comments.
  • Use special character of '@' to link to the note to the team member. Team names in the note will be clickable.
  • To hide the team section of sidebar, just check the option in the preferences of the CRM.
  • Click the logout in the preferences menu to logout.