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How to set up a team in CRM?

1. Go to the navigation bar and tap ‘Invite team member’

2. Fill in the required fields and send

3. The invited user will appear as ‘Pending Invitation’

4. The invited user then open the invitation email, and click ‘accept the invitation’

5. Congratulations page will appear after the acceptance. The user can then set up the permissions.

6. Admin can repeat the above operations to add team members. He / she can go to CRM app, tap ‘view team members’.

7. Here, admin can see all the team members

8. The user could also invite a new team member and update permissions in the settings page on CRM page of desktop browser.


There three types of users in CRM team: team owner, team admin and team user.

The first ever user who started the invitation automatically becomes the team owner, team owner has the right to invite or kick out team members.

During invitation, the users are invited as team admin or team users. The only difference between the two is team admin could further invite others, but team admin has no right to kick out others.

Finally, only the team members could set up the share permissions for themselves, even team owners could not change sharing permissions of others.