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How to use CRM prompt beneath SGN text area
After CRM is logged in, you may see the CRM prompt beneath SGN text area providing misc information about CRM. It could be disabled in SGN preferences page (see the bottom of this page).
1. When the email contains a contact that's linked to the CRM, but the email itself is not synced to the CRM, a hint of below will show up.
Click 'Add this note to CRM' to synchronize the email with the CRM
2. When the email is already synced with the CRM, the associated project of the email will be shown.
Click 'Change' to modify the project associated with the email.
Click 'Attach a file' to upload a file within the note.
Click 'View more in CRM' to access this note within the CRM. You could:
- convert the note and email into a task,
- organzie notes with followed contacts,
- move the note to another project,
- mark the note as 'Done'  and
- click 'Open email' to directly access the details of this email in Gmail, and more.
If you want to see a full CRM sidebar, you can go to the settings of Simple Gmail Notes and enable it.
If you do not want this CRM prompt, you can disable it in the Simple Gmail Notes settings.