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How to set up todo in CRM?

Simple Gmail Notes

Convert email note to to-do:
Click ' To-do ' icon.
Create to-do
Edit subject.
01: Email Note.  02: Email Subject. 03: Email Link
Contacts in  the opportunity.
 View the new to-do in the to-do list.
Click the link in todo to go to the email detail page.
 Create a new to-do:
Add a new to-do.
Edit informations.
Create to-do in the share page:

Click ‘share’ icon

Select time for to-do
The note will be the todo default subject, but you could further modify. 
The to-do will be shown in the opportunity detail page, contact detail page and todo list page.
Mobile App

Add To-do in to-do list tab

 1. Go to the to-do list tab of mobile CRM app

2. Tap ‘+‘

 3. Tap ‘add custom to-do’

 4. Choose an opportunity to link with

 5. Fill in the required fields and tap the back button to save

6. The to-do will appear in to-do list

6. The to-do will appear in opportunity list

Add to-do in opportunity detail

 1. Go to an opportunity detail

     2. Tap ‘+’

3. Tap ‘add to-do’

4. Edit todo and tap back button to save

5. The todo will appear in both to-do section of the opportunity and to-do list tab.