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How do I manage opportunities?

You could create opportunities from from manual entry, or import from CRM contacts (existing contacts), phone book contacts or Google contacts. After the opportunity is created, you could add further contacts and todoes into the opportunity.

How to create a todo item?

To add a todo item, please get into the corresponoding opportunity first. Click the plus sign, and then click the ‘Add todo’ option in the popup menu.

Can I view those opportunties in my desktop browser?

With our popular product of Simple Gmail Notes, you could easily share notes between the desktop (Chrome / Firefox) and mobile (iPhone / iPad / Android).

How do I make Smart Calls?

After you upgraded the package to professional or platinum, you could bind your mobile and landline phone numbers to the CRM and make calls.


All smarts calls will be automtically appended to the opportunity history, and obliged to free transcriptions (only English is supported now).

How do I see the detailed history of an opportunity?

 Please go to the timeline tab, click the search box. Then you could select the opportunity and time range.

How do I track arrival of new emails for opportunities?

Please make sure your auto-sync option (at the bottom of settings page) is turned on. Then all future emails from the contacts of an opportunity will be automatically appended to the opportunity.


Moreover, whenever you write the notes to those emails, the notes will also be shown in the desktop browser if Simple Gmail Notes is installed.

How do I send previous notes to Simple Mobile CRM?

You could send the legacy notes created from Simple Gmail Notes to Simple Mobile CRM via the ‘batch share’ feature in the extension.