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What is a transcribed call? And how does it work?

A transcribed call means, after you finished the call, you would get the corresponding transcription of the conversation.

The transcribed call feature of Simple Mobile CRM works with both mobile or landline number. The other side does NOT  need to install CRM app.

To start the call, first you need to register your own caller ID:

1. Go to Navigation Bar, click ‘Register Phone Number’

2. Tap the plus sign ‘+’

3. Type your own phone number (either mobile or landline) and click submit

4. The phone number will receive a call shortly. Pick up the phone and follow the voice prompts to enter the verification code.

5. The phone number will be displayed on your caller ID list

After the caller ID is added, let’s start the transcribed call

1. Click an opportunity, find a contact, tap ‘transcribed call’. It may take a few seconds for the call to be connected.

2. After the call is finished, the call record will appear in the history. Tap ‘Dialogue’, you could see voice dialogue and translation, currently the transcription only supports English.

Here is a video for demonstration: