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How to work with a delegated Gmail account?
In this page, we assume a scenario of one supervisor and two assistants.

Supervisor has provided delegated Gmail access to both assistant 1 and assistant 2 .
*If the user want to login SGN and CRM using their own Gmail account, which is different to the delegated Gmail account, and they need to pay for a subscription and enable the option of 'Allow access by delegated Gmail account' in CRM settings. 

in order to login to configure the option, I think user could use a chrome guest window, and open this URL directly:

set up the account settings first, then the login from the SGN should work.
Step 1: Supervisor invites assistant 1 and assistant 2 to Simple Mobile CRM, and collaborate as a team.
Step 2: All team members enabled note sharing in the CRM settings page.
Assistant 1  Workspace

The assistant logs into Simple Gmail Notes using their own Gmail account to access the supervisor's Gmail account through delegated access.

The assistant logs into the CRM using their own account.

Assistant1  can view the notes written by clicking 'View more in CRM', all details of email notes can be seen.
Assistant 2 Workspace
Similarly, Assistant 2 have access of the notes of assistant 1 and supervisor account.
Supervisor Workspace
Supervisor also have the full access of all notes of the same email, and he can put down the comments.
The supervisor and assistant can view each other's notes in the Gmail list. 

If both the supervisor and the assistant write notes on the same email, the Gmail list will show the most recently written notes

Notes written by the other party are outlined in blue, while one's own notes are outlined in orange.
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