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I got a bunch of legacy notes from Simple Gmail Notes,
how to migrate them into CRM in one batch?


Legacy note import could only be done on mobile phones, because CRM website has minimum Gmail permission and has no access of user emails.

(This feature is for paid members only)

 1. Open Mobile CRM App

 2. Click ‘+’ sign

 3. Click ‘Import from Simple Gmail Notes

CRM Mode:
Email Mode:
4. Select number of days
      Free users can batch import email notes of the last three days.
     After upgrading, you will get more permissions

5. Check the total number of notes, click ‘Confirm to go’

6. When it’s completed, click ‘Done’, the newly imported notes will be displayed at the top of the notes list page.

View email notes on the computer

1. Email sidebar

02: Click ‘sync’ icon

03: Click ‘Simple Mobile CRM’ logo

Here is a video for demonstration: