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Minimal CRM with Gmail Notes, 
Contacts and Call Transcriptions
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Email Mode
Read the email and put a note, period.
CRM Mode
With CRM mode (and note mode), you could manage your notes and contacts within opportunity units. Opportunity detail are shared across devices. 
Seamless Integration with 
Simple Gmail Notes
Import existing notes from Simple Gmail Notes with a few clicks
Simple Gmail Notes Integration
With our popular product of Simple Gmail Notes, you could write notes in, and view them in CRM mobile app.
Transcribed Call
Record and transcribe the phone calls you make to contact (mobile or landline). All transcriptions are automatically segmented and timed.
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Team members could easily share notes and opportunities with each other, with flexible permissions.
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Create To-do
Create to do from opportunities, and share among team members.

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Mobile Devices
Sync notes, contacts and opportunities between desktop browser, iPhone and Android phones.

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Searchable History
All your actions are recorded in the timeline history by opportunity and specific contact.
Never lose or misplace information again!
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