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01. Click the 'sync' button of Simple Gmail Notes to send a note to Simple Mobile CRM (visible in both CRM app and web site).
This action also allows the notes of Simple Mobile CRM to be synced back to SGN.
02. To automatically sync new notes from SGN to CRM, check the option of ‘auto sync’ in CRM settings page. Learn More

After checked, the sync icon of SGN will have a blue 'A' character.
03. If you want to create a new project for the notes, You just need to click on "Change Project" in the sidebar and move the notes to another project.
04. In case you got a bunch of legacy notes from Simple Gmail Notes, you could import them into the CRM app.
05. For privacy reasons, the sync will be automatically stopped if there are no sync actions in two weeks. Make sure the sync icon is turned-on (i.e. orange color) for the sync to work properly. 

1. if you only want to to sync the CRM notes into SGN, but do not need the CRM sidebar, you may hide the sidebar from CRM settings . Learn More
2. if you want to disconnect SGN and CRM, simply logout the CRM from broswser Learn More