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How to automatically add labels to 
the Gmails with SGN/CRM notes
Sometimes, we want to add labels to emails automatically, so we could identify if an email has note appended. It's pariticularly useful to be used along with Simple Mobile CRM Gmail Addon.
Create a label 'Simple Gmail Notes' in Gmail.
Log in to Zapier and click 'Create'.
Click '1. Trigger'.
Select 'Simple Mobile CRM'.
Select  'New Email Note', and click 'Continue'
Log in to ‘Simple Mobile CRM’, then click ‘Continue’.
Click ‘Test trigger’.
Click ‘2. Action’.
Select ‘Gmail’.
Select ‘Add Lable to Email’, and Click ‘Continue’.
Log in to ‘Gmail’, and Click ‘Continue’.
Select a Lable.
Select ‘Email Thread Id’ in custom.
Click ‘Continue’.
Click ‘Test step’, then click ‘Publish’
After writing notes in Gmail with CRM autosync enabled, or after a note is written in Gmail Addon, The 'Simple Gmail Notes' label will be automatically added.