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One could enable the project and todo picker page in the CRM settings.
Click 'share' icon of SGN toolbar
In the picker page, you could:    
01. Select / create opportunity       
02. Select email contacts to follow with
03. Create todo
01. Select / create opportunity
 - After sharing, the note will appear inside the opportunity
02. Select contacts of the email to follow with
- After sharing, the followed contacts will be linked to this opportunity. Future emails of those contacts will be auto-linked to the same opportunity.
03. Create to-do with note. 
- The note will become the default todo subject, but you could further modify.
- After sharing, the to-do will be shown in the opportunity.
Turn off the page
Click 'share' icon to enter related project detail.
When turn off , if you still want to see 'share page ', you can hold down the 'Shift' key and click the 'share' icon.