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How to link one contact to multiple projects?
Sometimes, one contact may be involved in multiple projects. In this case, you could use CRM user alias. A CRM user alias is an email alias of yours that ends with '+crm'. E.g. if you email address is '[email protected]', then you could use '', '', etc.. as CRM user alias.

In general a CRM user alias has a higher precedence when deriving the project from contact.
Step-by-step Instructions
1. Say, you want to link an email conversation to project A, put '' into the CC or BCC field of the email compose page.
2. After sending the email, add a note to the sent email, and click 'share to CRM' icon of SGN toolbar.
3. In this project selector page, check 'create a new opportunity'. In the contact list, make sure '' is checked.
Future emails

All future emails of this conversation will be automatically linked to 'project A'.

Besides, all future emails that involve '[email protected]' will be automatically linked to project A.
You may create as many CRM user alias as you want, each for a different project. E.g. use '' for project B.
Advanced Tips

In the CRM popup window, click the 'followed' icon to stop the follow. After the follow is stopped, the linkage between contact and project will be stopped as well.