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How are the emails linked to CRM projects?
How is a project selected or created for the email?

During 5 mentioned scenarios of next section, an email may be automatically linked to the default CRM project, an existing CRM project, or create a new project in some cases.

Here is the detailed workflow:

1. if the email contains a contact, which have already followed a CRM project before, then that project will be reused for this email. The inspection of contact will be in this order: 'from' address (if CRM user is not the sender), 'to' address, 'cc' address, and finally 'bcc' address.

However, if one of email addresses contains plus sign (e.g. [email protected]), then that email contact will always be used for the project selection. 

2. if none of the email contacts are found in the CRM, then 

a. the email will be linked to the default project if this is enabled in settings, otherwise
b. a new project will be created based on the email contacts, and the email will be added to the new project.
3. If you are not satisfied with the auto linkage, you could always manually change the email project.
There are 5 main scenarios that would automatically link an email to a project:
Scenario 1: Select the project when clicking 'sync to mobile' button in SGN.

The project picker page will show up when it’s enabled in settings page. Using this approach user have full control of email-project linkage.
Scenario 2: Automatically sync notes from SGN to CRM

When this settings is enabled, a note will be automatically synced to CRM and linked to a CRM project when it is created or updated in SGN. In some cases, a new project will be created based on the contact information. The next section shows how the email-project linkage is done.
Scenario 3: New emails auto import by mobile app

When CRM mobile app is installed in iOS or Android device, the mobile app will automatically link new incoming emails to the CRM projects if the corresponding settings is turned on and email contact is already inside the CRM. However, in this case, if all contacts in the email are not inside the CRM, new projects won't be created, and this email won't be imported into CRM.
Scenario 4: Write New note in Mobile CRM Directly

When you manually put down a new email note via CRM website, CRM app or CRM addon for Gmail, the corresponding email will also be linked to a CRM project. A project might be created in this case. See the next section for the linkage details.
Scenario 5: Bulk import SGN notes into CRM

During bulk import of SGN notes into CRM, multiple email-project linkage will be created. And in some cases new projects will be created.