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How the emails are linked to projects?
There are 3 main ways to link an email to a project.

1. Explicitly select the project when share

The project picker page will show up when it’s enabled in settings. Using this approach user have full control of which email will be linked to which project.
2. SGN auto share

When this settings is enabled, new SGN notes will be automatically shared to CRM once it’s created. The project it will be linked to will depend on how the contacts in email and projects are linked up (see below for more information).
3. New email auto collection

When CRM mobile app is installed, the mobile app is also able to send brand new emails to the CRM projects, whenever applicable. Again, the selection of project depends on the contact - project linkage (see below for more information)..

One should note that the three options are independent, one may enable all 3 options, or enable only 1 of them.
Which project is selected for the email during note auto share / email auto collection

1. if the email contains a contact that follows a particular project, then that project will be used for the auto share. The priority of contact selection will be from > to > cc > bcc.

2. if the email contains a special email alias (e.g. [email protected]), then that contact will always be used for the project selection, with highest priority.  learn more 
3. during email auto collection, if a relevant project is not found, it won’t be sent to CRM. 

4. during note auto share, if a relevant project is not found, a new project will be automatically created. If the project limit of the user is hit, then the latest project will be used.

5. for the CRM gmail addon, the above auto linkage logic is always used

6. during SGN import in CRM mobile app, the above auto linkage logic is always used.