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How to Automatically Import
CRM Related Incoming Emails?

1. Open Mobile CRM app

2. Click app sidebar ⇾ Settings

3. Click the option of ‘Auto import new emails for followed contacts

4. Now, if there are new emails from the followed contacts in opportunities, they would be automatically pulled from Gmail and linked to that opportunity.

5. For example, if your opportunity ‘OP1’ contains a contact named ‘[email protected]’, then new emails from ‘[email protected]’ will be automatically imported into ‘OP1’ in CRM.

6.You could also write new notes on those email records in CRM, the notes will appear in both CRM and Simple Gmail Notes.

How to Follow Contact
 WEB:    01. Click color box or 'eye' icon into email note detail
                 02. Click '+ Follow' to follow contact. click 'Followed ' to cancel follow
Phone:   01. Click email note
                   02. Click 'Follow' to follow contact
                03:Swipe left,Click 'Unfollow'